Ethical Index Tracker

Ethical Indices to Track the State of Morality

What if you could find unethical people before you started working with them on a project?

Would the support you have for various politicians or business professionals change if you could see their ethical indices?

The Ethical Index Tracker is an easy way to track the state of morality in our global society. Using the democratic method of upvoting or downvoting individuals based on their ethical performance, an ethical index rating is produced.

That means you can discover who is acting immorally and who is not.


Why Track Ethics in Today’s Society?

We live in a world of snippets right now. From social media posts to news clips, what we see are small pieces of information that show off the very best, or the very worst, of events.
We never get to see the whole picture.

That is why tracking ethical indices is such an important piece of information. Unethical people can present themselves as being moral contributors to society. In reality, these scandalous persons are simply using others to increase their own share of societal rewards.

Tracking the state of morality goes in the opposite direction as well. Positive ethical indices show evidence of strong ethics and moral character.


Why Is Being Moral Important?

Morality is one of the most potent factors considered when evaluating an individual from a global perspective. There is a difference between liking someone and respecting them. For a proper evaluation, we must see multiple sides of a person’s character to determine the state of their character.

That is why the Ethical Index Tracker is such an important resource. It provides a simple way to see how people are perceived. Then you can determine the value of thise ethical indices when forming your own opinion.