US Postage: 49 cents ARMENIAN STAMP in commemoration of the Armenian Genocide 1915

US Postage:  49 cents Armenian stamp

To all my Dear Armenian friends living in the US,

It's desirable that you spread the news, and during 2015 you use this stamp for your internal mailings.

The attached stamp is printed from an oil painting created by Dr. Zareh Hovanesian, on a 44x36 canvas.

This stamp is created special and dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide. 

The painting from which the stamp was made portrays several important symbols in Armenian history..- “TITSERNAGABERT”, the Monument which, which is the symbol honouring the Martyrs and  victims of the Armenian Genocide of 1915 by the Ottoman Empire.

 - Mount Ararat, as seen from the Turkish territory, where the actual massacres took place, representing it as a backdrop of the monument ‘WITNESSING” These atrocities.

- The red drops of blood signifying the pain and suffering and deaths of millions of Armenians during the Genocide.

 - The Armenian Flag and stone, in back are icons commemorating and honouring the victims of the Armenian Genocide.

The Khachkar(Cross) at the bottom of the painting is a reminder of the 1,5 million martyrs of the Genocide.

The stamp is also inscribed with the dedication on the bottom indicating the words.“ARARAT YOU HAVE WITNESSED” These stamps are regular US 49c first class postage stamps that can be used for mailing letters in the United States.

Although, the cost of each of the custom stamps is $1.00, it is emblem, which will create enormous awareness honouring the 1915 Armenian Genocide centennial.

The order of large quantity could cost less.