Welcome to the Armenian Community of Edmonton!!!



Edmonton is a great multicultural city, and home to many communities and people, including the Armenians.

The Armenian Community of Edmonton is a non-for-profit. We promote Armenian culture, heritage, history and way of life in the Edmonton region. It does not matter who you are, where you are from and what is your background.

The Armenian Community of Edmonton has no religious or ethnic affiliation and is open to all people and groups.

We organize monthly social events, commemoration ceremonies, cultural and art events.

If you feel any connection to Armenia, Armenian culture, heritage, history, or a way of life we would like to hear from you.


Board of Directors Armenian Community of Edmonton

Jirents Gayayan
Artak Grigoryan
Lilik Hakobian
Vahram Kamalian
Rafik Khlgatyan
Suren Vahanyan



Treasurer of the Community

Izabela Ohanesyan